Thursday 15 August 2013

Quick soot test protects diesel engines!

As environmental regulations increase the pressure on engine manufacturers to reduce the levels of soot emitted from diesel engine exhausts, increased soot levels in lubricants are inevitable, and this could have a major effect on engine performance. In response, Quantitech has launched a new soot-in-oil measurement technology to enable testing laboratories, lorry and bus fleet managers, ship engineers and power station managers to conduct quick tests to ensure optimal lubrication efficiency.

The InfraCal ‘Soot Meter’ a rugged, portable factory-calibrated infrared spectrometer performing an ASTM approved test method which involves two simple steps that can be undertaken by non-technical personnel, producing a result in less than 15 seconds.

Soot enters the lubricant with exhaust gas in the form of blow-by, or it is deposited on cylinder walls and subsequently scraped off by the rings and deposited into the oil, causing wear on engine components and clogging filters. A number of factors affect the level of soot contamination in the engine; these include injection timing, combustion chamber design, engine type, scavenge efficiency, air cleaner restriction, air/fuel ratio, low compression, excessive idling and lugging.

Quantitech’s Dr Andrew Hobson says “The Soot Meter is an ideal tool for anyone responsible for the efficient running of diesel engines; it is extremely easy to operate and is capable of taking measurements both in the laboratory and in the field.”

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