Thursday 15 August 2013

Reducing project development time

Development environment ideal for managing projects in the Maple language.

Maplesoft™ has announced a new member of their Maple™ product family, the Maple IDE. The Maple IDE, powered by DigiArea Inc., is an integrated development environment for the Maple programming language that improves productivity by providing advanced tools for writing and managing Maple projects. The Maple IDE, which is based on the Eclipse™ platform, offers a customized industry-standard environment for medium- to large-scale Maple development projects.

The Maple language provides built-in knowledge of mathematical data structures and concepts, support for writing multi-threaded, parallel programs as well as a very rich library of existing commands and algorithms. Over 90 percent of the algorithms built into Maple have been implemented using the Maple programming language. This same language is available to any Maple user for writing scripts, implementing new algorithms and extending the Maple system. The Maple IDE makes it dramatically easier for Maple users to create, manage, and update libraries of Maple code.

Features of the Maple IDE include the ability to quickly browse and search through source hierarchies, automatic highlighting and formatting based on syntactic and semantic properties of the code, navigation, testing and much more. The Maple IDE assists developers in writing, updating, maintaining, and understanding code, so projects can be completed faster with fewer errors, and later enhancements can be made more easily.

“Together with our partner DigiArea Inc., we have created a modern development environment on top of the popular Eclipse framework,” says Dr. Laurent Bernardin, Executive Vice-President and Chief Scientist at Maplesoft. “The Maple IDE provides a powerful, familiar environment for seasoned programmers, while giving new programmers valuable assistance getting started. Programming medium to large libraries in Maple is suddenly a feasible option for more customers.”

“We are excited to partner with Maplesoft to bring this new product to the Maple user community,” said Oleksandr Shkliaiev, President, DigiArea. “Working with Maple IDE will put a beginner on the path to learning the Maple language faster, and advanced developers will find a full range of tools for professional Maple programming.”

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