Thursday 22 August 2013

Precise identification - code reading in automotive application

Engine hood and bodyshell inseparably linked

Daimler AG has opted to use the code reading system Simatic MV440 based on proven Siemens technology for process data acquisition in its bodyshell production section for the SL series. Simatic MV440 permits cohesive and precise process data documentation across the entire bodyshell manufacturing process as well as verification of production details. It is able to detect, for instance, which engine hood has been used in the vehicle, or which torque was applied to create individual screw connections.

During process data acquisition, the large number of individual bodywork components are correctly and unambiguously assigned to a certain vehicle. Daimler opted to use Siemens data acquisition technology for the bodyshell production of its SL Series in the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen. The selected code reading system Simatic MV440 reads and digitizes both bar and matrix codes right across the whole production process. In total, 20 readers from Siemens are in use. The codes read by the Simatic MV440 readers are forwarded to the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Due to their extreme reading accuracy, the Siemens code readers may be relied upon to supply a correct identification – eliminating any need for human intervention and the associated scope for error.

On the MES level, as the hood and bodyshell are assembled, the engine hood and bodyshell-related process data are merged, and from this point remain inseparably linked. This allows irrefutable proof to be provided across the entire vehicle life of which engine hood was installed and even which torque level was applied to create the different screw connections. By optimising the identification technology, the manufacturer now benefits from the assurance of seamless process data acquisition and documentation.

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