Monday 12 August 2013

SCADA platform for control & monitoring

New benefits for industrial monitoring and control of facilities!

ControlMaestro™ 2013, the latest version of Elutions's SCADA solution for the Automation, Control-Command and Monitoring of facilities/technical infrastructures to support their operational performance improvement has been released.

With more than 75,000 licenses deployed worldwide in mission critical applications for areas such as building management, water treatment and technical infrastructure management, Elutions continues to support its customers through a robust, scalable, secure and sustainable solution that maintains backward compatibility from the former platform versions.

"In constant technological evolution since 1986 with the first version of the SCADA called Wizcon™, the SCADA platform achieved a succession of major milestones to support the specific needs of highly competitive market demand as well as conformance with stringent standards." said Dominique Gueguen, Consultant at Elutions.

Once again, ControlMaestro allow the delivery of new benefits for its customers.

An optimized and sustainable management of customer capital investments      
The new ControlMaestro 2013 version obtained the BACnet Advanced operator WorkStation Certification (according to the BACnet 09) corresponding to the highest level of compatibility recognized in the market.

With more than 160 standard communication drivers available, ControlMaestro allow bidirectional communication between heterogeneous equipment (even from different generations), and offers an open and extensive interoperability and avoids having to reinvest in equipment renewal. To a larger extent, because it is independent from any manufacturer, most of standards and communication protocols, including OPC, Modbus, SQL and ODBC, etc. are supported.

Because ongoing communication with facilities becomes important in terms of user mobility, to meet the latest technology trends Elutions has developed a HTML5 web portal to view, control or modify the lists of data points, alarms and values ​​via a simple web browser, a smartphone or a tablet. ControlMaestro 2013 also offers the advantage to monitor and modify an application remotely via a Windows 'Remote Desktop' connection.

Much more than a simple supervisor, the software is built to handle mixed architectures, physical and/or virtual with a large acquisition capacity allowing customers to reduce their capital expenditures.

A reduced development and operating cost for customers
To control the various processes and facilities, new tools allow reducing the engineering productivity and the human errors risk.

The development Studio now allows editing of properties of multiple tags and alarms. Thus, an application can quickly be updated.

The Audit Trail can now filter its actions. For example, when updating an application, unwanted actions can be filtered and not recorded in the log.

History of tags and alarms is simplified and more robust through the use of Microsoft SQL Server database (local or remote server).

Combined with other tools for the automatic generation of tags (Tag generator™) and integration of AutoCAD® drawings (CAD Converter ™), the ControlMaestro ergonomics really brings comfort and saves significant time during deployment of SCADA applications.

An increased security of customer mission-critical applications   
To better secure the process control, to support preventative maintenance and mitigate risks, ControlMaestro 2013 includes enhancements related to the management of alarms, tags and users.

New alarm systems are available to instantly report any error connecting to the database or the network, to allow fast resolution of faults. Traces files management has been also improved to facilitate the maintenance and secure the application development by providing distinct logs files per sessions.

To ensure the ongoing operations, ControlMaestro users authentication in offline mode has been reinforced by a secured mechanism so that the application is not interrupted even if LDAP server is not reachable.

In respect with security information systems, ControlMaestro also complies with the latest version of the FDA 21CFR Part11 standard (driving pharmaceutical and food industry) concerning the alarms acknowledgment with the possibility to force identification and/or add a comment.

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