Thursday 29 August 2013

Smart camera for identification & tracking applications

BOA IDR is a tiny smart camera package, from Stemmer Imaging,  capable of barcode, character and pattern identification or verification in a single self-contained unit. These core capabilities allow manufacturers to ensure that all product markings are correct when they leave the factory floor. BOA IDR provides a highly integrated solution for defect detection and reject tracking for high speed applications in the automotive, consumer, electronics, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Complete with embedded software and processing, BOA IDR allows manufacturers to combine 1D and 2D tracking with other inspection tasks. These include character reading (OCR) and feature verification to automatically identify, validate and verify markings or features on parts, products or assemblies.

1D and 2D capabilities include part validation and verification, part traceability and label validation in addition to 2D error proofing. OCR tools offer date, lot and product code validation, error proofing, printed text validation and label validation. Comprehensive pattern recognition facilities include label presence and placement, tamper proofing pattern verification, cap presence and placement, printed text verification, error proofing and robot guidance.

The preloaded IDR application can be quickly setup and deployed using a standard web browser interface. No software installation is necessary, except for the fully functional emulator that supports offline development and debugging. The versatile BOA IDR features a 4-step user interface designed to guide first time vision users but this also offers advanced features such as custom scripting for experienced integrators.

The camera is available in a choice of resolutions and provides standard industrial Ethernet protocols for integrating into the factory network, including support for popular PLCs such as Rockwell Automation and Siemens. In addition to Ethernet, BOA IDR provides serial RS-232 and discrete I/O connections, as well as expandable I/O options. A dedicated strobe output is further provided for direct light control.

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