Tuesday 27 August 2013

Innovative new technology for improved safety, productivity and energy efficiency

With the introduction of the new MELSERVO MR-J4 series - and corresponding positioning modules, motion modules and high-end motion control systems - Mitsubishi Electric is now offering a servo amplifier which will enable machine manufacturers and end customers to improve both safety within the production process and productivity, while guaranteeing ease of operation and commissioning at the same time. The MR-J4, successor to the tried and tested MELSERVO J3 series amplifiers, scores highly in all categories by ensuring better performance and providing expanded functionality. Their target market for these units includes manufacturers of packing machines, indexing tables and handling systems.

MELSERVO MR-J4 product range with
rotating, linear and direct-drive motors.
Mitsubishi Electric has integrated a wide range of new user-friendly functions in its new series of amplifiers in order to minimise the time-consuming and complex operations involved in harmonising mechanical and electronic systems. The system makes adjustments itself quickly and easily by means of “online auto tuning” and automatic “vibration filters”. The customer can utilise these functions during start-up and during ongoing operation, enabling commissioning and parameterisation times to be reduced.

The amplifiers also have a “life diagnosis function” that monitors the actual condition of the components installed, such as capacitors and relays, throughout the life of the product. It also notifies the user and operator regarding any degradation in their operation, making both downtime and machine outage time a thing of the past.

The designers have also looked in to the future as far as safety and safety related functions are concerned. They have come up with a modular architecture which provides a redundant two-channel STO input (Safe Torque Off) as a standard on all MR-J4 amplifiers. This can be augmented by an additional option module to provide SS1 (Safe Stop) input in line with EN61800-5-2. The system configuration then also supports SIL2 (EN62061) and PLd (EN13849-1). For more advanced systems, and the highest levels of safety such as support for SS2, SOS, SLS, SBC and SSM, this can be achieved when Mitsubishi's MR-J4-B amplifiers and motion controllers are used in combination. This flexibility means that users can reduce costs by being able to "tune" their system configuration to meet only the needed safety requirements for the target application.

Another plus in terms of functionality and flexibility compared with its predecessor is the fact that a wide range of motors can be connected to the MELSERVO MR-J4 amplifier. Both rotating and linear or even direct-drive motors can be used with the servo amplifier, thus optimising the stocking processes for users.

The amplifiers are fitted with 22-bit absolute encoders as standard, providing a resolution which corresponds to more than 4 million pulses per revolution. The result: excellent rotational accuracy and optimum positioning accuracy.

Besides the MR-J4-A (analogue/digital/pulse train) and MR-J3-B (SSCNET III/H motion network), the MELSERVO J4 series from Mitsubishi Electric also includes two additional versions for two- and three-axis operation which are being offered for the first time. The two- and three-axis amplifiers (MR-J4W2B and MR-J4W3B) are correspondingly more compact and efficient than three individual amplifiers, not only saving the machine manufacturer money in terms of energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions but also saving on the space required in the switching cabinet.

Motors from the HG-KR/MR series are available for the lower output range from 50 to 750 watts. The maximum torque ranges from 0.48 to 7.2 Nm, with a maximum speed of 6000 rpm. The HG-SR series covers the medium output range from 0.5 to 7 kilowatts with a maximum torque of 100 Nm. All the motors have IP65 or IP67 protection (dust- and water-proof), making them suitable for use in the harshest industrial environments.
At the initial product launch, the 200-Volt version of the MELSERVO MR-J4 was first made available with servo motors ranging from 100 W to 7 kW. The 400-Volt versions from the MR-J4 series with servo motors up to a maximum of 110 kW has since been launched.

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