Friday 16 August 2013

Distributor for France & Switzerland appointed!

Responding to significant business growth across Europe, Headwall Photonics has named Bonsai Advanced Technologies to be its distributor of record for both France and Switzerland. The agreement was effective July 1, 2013. Principal contact at Bonsai is  Eric Bécourt, with regional headquarters in southern France.

Eric Bécourt
In announcing the appointment, Headwall European Sales Manager Kevin Lynch noted Bonsai's high degree of experience in spectral imaging and, in particular, remote sensing and industrial inspection. "We are very impressed with the level of technical understanding at Bonsai with respect to our market-leading hyperspectral sensors. They will be able to effectively demonstrate and differentiate our technology to their broad base of accounts all across France and Switzerland."

Headwall's award-winning family of Hyperspec sensors are used in applications ranging from ground-based and handheld all the way up to aircraft and earth-orbiting satellites. Hyperspectral imaging represents a required tool for the scientific research community, which can quickly and non-destructively image anything within the field of view to determine its chemical and spectral fingerprint. Headwall's sensors take advantage of diffractive optics, which use aberration-corrected gratings to deliver high performance with respect to high spatial and spectral resolution, high signal-to-noise, and a wide field of view. Remote sensing using small and light sensors mounted to hand-launched UAVs is a fast-growing application area that Headwall has pioneered. Other application areas include advanced machine vision, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and mining & mineral exploration.

Mr. Bécourt has 23 years of experience in the analytical business, especially in the spectroscopic and NIR markets. He remarked on Headwall's innovation and technical leadership: "Our customers in France and Switzerland embrace innovation and technology just as Headwall does," he said. "They understand that hyperspectral imaging represents a valuable tool for their scientific research efforts and will be very pleased to know that we can bring those solutions to them."

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