Wednesday 7 August 2013

Issue tracking software

Reducing time required to document, plan and deal with issues, problems or complaints

Issue Tracker is a new product from Autoscribe, developers of the well-established Matrix family of Laboratory Information Management Systems. Built to correspond to ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 requirements for audit regulation, Issue Tracker is suitable for use in any business environment. It is designed to allow any issues, problems or complaints occurring within an organisation to be logged and actions assigned to any individual, making it a vital tool for uncovering problems or discrepancies in business operations.

It allows a procedure to be defined for quality improvement within departments and the organisation in general by maintaining a full track of all issues and actions. This means that it can drastically reduce the time required to document, plan and deal with issues, problems or complaints.

The system can be used for individual action lists, actions arising from meetings plus audit tracking including non-conformances etc. Issue Tracker can generate checklists and worksheets from the system and define the managerial sign-off process, saving time and costs with automation. It can also trend historical performance to monitor improvements and quality issues that affect the business.

With easy storage, reporting and selection of issue records for managerial and/or operational scrutiny, Issue Tracker can be used to standardise quality control by ensuring all stages are complete. In addition it is possible to track, store and manage the status of uncovered issues and automate next actions. Control and security across an organisation can be strengthened with regular assessment.

Flexible configuration tools allow screen and report preferences to be specified according to the particular needs of an organisation. Company procedures can be configured to mirror organisational objectives.

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