Monday 12 August 2013

Measurement steering wheels

Although experienced test drivers are used to provide a subjective evaluation of driving dynamics of new vehicles, objective testing is now essential to meet ISO and DIN defined standards. To meet the need for accurate, open loop testing, with minimum driver influence, Kistler has developed the next generation of its measurement steering wheels (MSW) for both passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles. The new MSW incorporates non-contact measurement of steering moment, steering angle and steering speed for vehicle driving dynamics testing such as the ISO 4138 steady-state circular driving test.

The steering angle and steering speed, derived from a contact free, optical, incremental encoder, and two ranges of steering torque, ±10 Nm and ±50 Nm, are available. Calibration data are stored in the sensor element to facilitate user installation of sensors to suit different applications. Analogue and digital signal outputs to suit CAN, USB and Ethernet interfaces are standard.

The new Kistler MSW sensors perfectly meet the demands of modern automotive engineering. Reduced in size and weight, they offer higher dynamics and increased resolution. They can be fitted directly to the steering shaft using an exchangeable adapter to maintain airbag and other steering wheel functions or mounted on the standard steering wheel where this is preferable.

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