Tuesday 6 August 2013

Dual channel 3G-SDI Video/Audio capture card

Uncompressed video streaming with lossless YUV4:4:4 color format and up to 12-bit pixel depth, ideal for medical imaging and intelligent video surveillance and analytics

The first SDI video/audio capture card from Adlink Technologies, the PCIe-2602, has been released. Based on the PCI Express x4 interface, unparalleled features enable 2-channel acquisition of 3G-SDI for low latency and uncompressed video data signals up to 1920x1080p/60fps, providing lossless full color 4:4:4 video and up to 12-bit video data for critical applications such as medical imaging, intelligent video surveillance and analytics, and broadcasting.

Unparalleled performance
ADLINK’s PCIe-2602 supports all SD/HD/3G-SDI signals, and operates at 6 times the resolution of regular VGA connections. PCIe-2602 also provides unrivaled video quality with lossless full color YUV 4:4:4 images, for sharper and cleaner images. With up to 12-bit pixel depth, the PCIe-2602’s extreme image clarity and smoother transitions from color to color boost image detail for unprecedented support of high-end critical medical imaging, such as PACS (picture archiving and communication system) endoscopy, as well as broadcasting.

Low latency, long distance transmission reduces cabling costs
The PCIe-2602 features low latency uncompressed video streaming, CPU offloading, and support for high quality live viewing for video analytics acquiring real-time image acquisition, as required in, for example, casino and defense environments. When combined with a suitable 75Ω coaxial cable, PCIe-2602 signals can be transmitted over 100 m, requiring no significant modification of existing analog-based CCTV systems, with employment of existing coaxial cable networks representing significant savings.

“The video surveillance market has been developing for decades, evolving from SD to Full HD image acquisition, from passive evidence collection to interactive real-time alarm and analysis deployment parameters, to our current state of intelligent security and surveillance application. ADLINK’s PCIe-2602 3G-SDI video/audio capture card provides high resolution 1920x1080p/60fps imaging with low latency and uncompressed video streaming, perfectly match the need for real-time video surveillance and analytics.” said Neil Chen, ADLINK's Product Manager for Digital Imaging.

The PCIe-2602 is equipped with RS-485 and digital input & output, accommodating external devices such as PTZ cameras and sensors, supports Windows 7/XP operating systems, and ADLINK’s included ViewCreator Pro™ utility enables setup, configuration, testing, and system debugging without requiring any software programming. All ADLINK's drivers ate compatible with Microsoft DirectShow, reducing engineering efforts and accelerating time to market.

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