Wednesday 5 June 2013

New role focuses on Industrial Comms

SolutionsPT has created a new position in response to emerging trends in the automation industry.

Wayne Ashworth has been appointed to the newly created role of Product Manager, with particular responsibility for industrial communications, encompassing industrial IT security and mobile.

SolutionsPT has created this new position for Wayne, formerly a SolutionsPT Software Account Manager, to allow the business to focus on working with customers to improve their communication infrastructures, increase security, mobile computing, wireless computing and HMI (Human Machine Interface).

He will provide specialist customer advice in these areas and recommend solutions and products, tailored for the particular needs of each client, in order to resolve their issues and achieve their goals.

“We are keen to keep abreast of how trends that are emerging in general IT are crossing over into the world of industrial automation, and just as the way people interact in the office environment has changed, so too has interaction in the plant environment," says Wayne.

“Having spent the last six years working closely with our customers and sharing with them first-hand the issues they face, I am well positioned to respond to their needs by providing specialist support, and focussing on the topics which matter to them the most.

“For example, security in SCADA Systems is a subject we are consistently receiving communication and feedback about. Therefore, we are facing up to the challenge of educating businesses that the threat to our industry is very real, and our control systems and architecture can be vulnerable to attack. 

“We believe that understanding our customers and their requirements is absolutely key to moving our business forward.”

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