Tuesday 11 June 2013

Big Data defined!

One of the most authoritative magazines in the Automation sector is InTech, published by the International Society of Automation. An article in the current issue has won high praise indeed from Bob Lederer of RBDRChannelRBDR is produced Monday-Thursday on a youTube site and presents news, commentary and insights on important research issues and innovators. It is a free service.

He states in this edition of their video that the definition of BigData by Sanat Joshi, is the best he has seen. The article Big Data is on line if you want to read it.


A simple definition would be that data becomes big data, or rather a big data problem, when the volume, velocity, and/or variety of the data exceeds the abilities of your current IT systems to ingest, store, analyze, or otherwise process it.

Sanat Joshi, (InTech, May/June 2013)
The lead article in this issue is on Asset Management systems, and there are more articles on Batch, Safety, and a special section on security.

Check out the InTech site to see if you qualify for your own personal copy.

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