Thursday 20 June 2013

Water disinfection: Safely generating up to 5000 grams of chlorine dioxide per hour

Diox-A 5000 is an especially powerful but also safe chlorine dioxide generator developed by Siemens Water Technologies. Depending on its version, the Diox-A 5000 can generate up to 2,500 or 5,000 grams of chlorine dioxide per hour for the disinfection of process or cooling water. The infeed is via a double injector, which increases system safety because the required basic chemicals – sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid – are not mixed in their undiluted states. The process is particularly suited for applications in which the handling of chlorine gas is to be avoided. An additional safety feature is the temperature and underpressure monitoring for the gas phase in the product tank. The V-notch of the injectors feeds the chlorine dioxide solution into the water far more precisely than pump-operated systems. This enables the concentration of the disinfectant to be metered at rates between 1.5 and 3.0 grams per liter, while an internal process control keeps the desired concentration of the stock solution constant.

The Diox-A is designed for industrial applications, such as for the disinfection of process and cooling water or for the removal of odours and taste causing compounds. The system is certified for use in the treatment of drinking water and can be used to disinfect complex piping systems. In addition to its use in food production, the Diox-A 5000 has been designed for use in numerous other applications such as for the deodorization of waste water in the oil and gas industry, the treatment of process water in paint spraying lines, and for protection against bacterial, algae or mussel growth in water-carrying pipes or tanks.

Operation is simple and intuitive by means of a colour touch panel on the control system. A PROFIBUS DP interface allows the chlorine dioxide generator to be connected to higher-level control systems.

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