Thursday 13 June 2013

RFID reader is versatile and cost-effective for industrial applications with read ranges up to 2 m

The Ha-VIS RF-R200 is the latest RFID reader in Hartings's extensive range of auto-ID solutions. This new RFID device is a mid-range unit optimised for read ranges up to 2 m, and offers superior performance characteristics combined with versatility and cost-effectiveness.

The RF-R200 reader is available in a number of different versions to suit the requirements of diverse applications. These include a model with an RJ45 interface and PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability, a unit with a USB interface designed for office use, and a basic PCB module without housing for integration into machines or other products.

Key features of the RF-R200 reader include 500 mW of transmitter power, support for automatic transmission of the acquired transponder information to a computer, and support for an external antenna as well as the internal antenna with a read range up to approximately 20 cm. The unit is sealed to IP 30 requirements, and occupies a minimum footprint when installed on a “top hat” rail in a switch cabinet.

Typical applications include tool identification, tracking of manufactured goods on production lines, logistics, and the description of transponders in office or production environments.

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