Friday 7 June 2013

Pilot valve terminal VTOC from Festo with flexible connections.

Playing it safe in the industries of the future

The valve terminal VTOC from Festo is reliable, compact and cost-effective. It is particularly suitable for pilot control of process valves in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, flat-panel, biotech, pharmaceutical and process industries – and can now be specified with a customised pin allocation.

The valve terminal VTOC from Festo for up to 48 3/2-way valves can be used wherever safety considerations require pilot valves with spring return. It is ideal for reliable pilot control in gas box applications thanks to its separate conductive tracks and push-in connectors. It also features double-pin actuation of each coil, which guarantees that the valves do not automatically switch through on the circuit board in the event of a short circuit. External isolation can be easily incorporated for additional interlocks.

Integrated optical isolation ensures high process reliability. The VTOC offers multi-pin plug connection with Sub-D plug or flat cable with different outlet directions. In addition, the valve terminal can be connected on IO Link via an M18 connector, or to numerous Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks using Festo’s innovative modular node. The highlight, however, is the customised pin allocation which provides simple and safe configuration into critical control systems, whether you use multipin or a communications network – it's hard to get safer than this.

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