Tuesday 18 June 2013

Efficient dew point measurement for hydrogen cooled electricity generators

Modern power stations operate with only a few maintenance engineers and anything that can save the time needed to carry out critical maintenance checks has real benefit. With this in mind, Michell Instruments designed the MDM300 I.S. portable hygrometer for fast, easy and ergonomic operation in hazardous areas – making it ideal for checking the dew point in hydrogen cooled electricity generators.

Michell Instruments is a pioneer in dew point measurement technology and continually strives to deliver real customer benefits by providing innovative, practical and high-performing solutions. The use of the MDM300 I.S. has been well-proven in helping to ensure the safety and reliability of hydrogen-cooled electricity generators and demonstrates Michell’s in-depth understanding of both technology and application.

• Michell Instruments are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.
Depending upon plant requirements, water dew point in hydrogen coolant can be continually monitored with online instrumentation or spot checks taken using a portable measurement device. An online solution has the advantage of continuous monitoring and alarm capability should the dew point rise above an ambient level but a portable ‘spot check’ instrument offers a cost-effective and flexible solution which can be used across the site for periodic checking or as back-up to an online system. The MDM300 I.S. maximises operational efficiency by taking as many measurements as required from different applications across a whole site with no waiting time in between. It gives fast, accurate responses and measurements are carried out at system pressure to give true representation of the risk of condensation occurring in working conditions. To ensure easy quality control and compliance with the requirements of local authorities, the units are supplied with traceable calibration certificates.

The MDM300 I.S. is an adaptable unit with a robust casing which can withstand the rigours of day to day operation at a power utility plant. Customised sampling and other accessories are available to ensure spot checks are as quick and easy as possible and the unit has the added benefit of being suitable for other applications on site, such as the measurement of moisture in SF6, natural gas and instrument air.

As the primary device for monitoring dew point levels in the hydrogen coolant, the adaptability and ease of use it offers across multiple applications makes it an exceptionally efficient, useful and cost-effective tool. If a continuous online monitoring system is installed, this flexible instrument can be used across the site as a back-up device or to give the complete peace of mind from accurate measurement spot checks.

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