Tuesday 25 June 2013

Wireless measurement with thermal imaging cameras

Fluke has introduced the capability to collect test measurements wirelessly on thermal imaging cameras. Models from the Fluke Ti®1xx family can receive captured data from Fluke CNX 3000 wireless testers at distances of up to 20m and display them. These measurements can also be documented together with thermal images using the SmartView® software included with the thermal imager, adding validity to the analysis and making inspections more thorough.

Fluke is celebrating its 65th anniversary by offering, for a limited period, special promotions which include a specific CNX 3000 kit free of charge when ordering one of the thermal imagers in the family using a special part number. The special promotions can be seen in detail here  , with links at the bottom of the page to obtain more details about new products and about the Fluke story.

While stocks last, purchasers of a rugged Ti100, Ti105, Ti110 or Ti125 Thermal Imager, designed for plant technicians, maintenance professionals and electricians who need to maintain and inspect electrical and mechanical equipment and components, can receive a free CNX i3000 iFlex AC Current Measurement Kit, while purchasers of their TiR105, TiR110 or TiR125 Thermal Imager, designed for building inspection and energy audit professionals evaluating and reporting insulation problems, air leakage, moisture issues, or construction defects, can receive a free Fluke Wireless CNX 3000 HVAC System. Special part numbers cover the offer range.

The  Ti(R)110 and Ti(R)125 models feature breakthrough capabilities, including IR-OptiFlex™ focus system, IR-PhotoNotes™ annotation system, focus-free video, and IR-Fusion® technology (also for the Ti(R)105). Offering best-in-class focus and ergonomics and Fluke’s world-renowned ruggedness, the thermal imagers provide a broad range of powerful capabilities that are so easy to use they can become a regular part of troubleshooting and diagnostic routines. All models in the family come with SmartView® professional IR analysis and reporting software.

The Fluke CNX system allows users to place modules in hazardous or awkward places and then watch and record the readings from a safe distance.

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