Tuesday 25 June 2013

High-speed optical micrometer with 16,000 Hz sampling rate

No moving parts design high-speed optical micrometer with 16,000 Hz sampling rate; for ultra-high speed and accuracy, is available from Keyance. Conventional micrometers have typically adopted a "laser scan method" using physical moving parts, resulting in a limitation on the ability to improve speed and accuracy. The LS-9000 Series utilises a "high-speed exposure CMOS + high-intensity Green-LED" method that eliminates the need for moving parts, achieving further improvements in speed and accuracy. The elimination of moving parts also gives the model extremely high durability and longevity.

High-speed measurement
Fitted with a high-speed exposure CMOS and high-intensity Green-LED, the LS-9000 Series has achieved the fastest sampling rate in its class (16,000 Hz). Even fast-moving targets can be measured accurately at narrow pitches.

High stability
The high-speed exposure CMOS ensures reliable image capturing and stable measurement even when targets are vibrating. Moreover, the Monitor CMOS cancels errors resulting from tilted targets.

Increased durability
The no moving parts design reduces the need for maintenance. The LED light source is less affected by electrical noise, resulting in stable use in factory environments for longer periods.

Ultra-thin wire (Ø10 µm) can be measured
New, specialized ultra-fine diameter/gap tool ensures reliable measurement of wires 10 µm in diameter.

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