Friday 7 June 2013

In-process temperature profiling for glass tempering furnaces

Datapaq has announced the first temperature profiling system designed specifically for glass tempering processes. It uses thermocouples to take measurements from the glass sheet while passing through the tempering furnace. The Furnace Tracker system for glass tempering furnaces accurately measures temperatures from all types of glass, including hard and soft-coated low-E glass. Thus, users can optimize cycle times and reduce energy costs.

The system includes a choice of fast response type-K thermocouples that can be cemented to the glass sheet under test. Up to four thermocouples are attached to a DQ1840 data logger, which records detailed temperature profiles. The logger is protected from the heat of the furnace by a low-height thermal barrier designed especially for glass tempering furnaces. The TB7528 thermal barrier measures a mere 1.14in/29mm in height with a 17 x 9in/430mm x 220mm footprint.

The nickel-chromium alloy and state-of-the-art welding technologies used in the construction of this thermal barrier ensure long operational life. All external surfaces have a ceramic coating that both reflects infrared heat and prevents metal contact with the furnace rollers, thereby minimizing heat absorption. Comprehensive analysis and archiving software also enables data export to other Windows® compatible programs.

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