Monday 10 June 2013

Screw module added to modular connector range!

A new Han E® screw module has been added to the Harting Han-Modular® series flexible open connector system, which allows users to assemble customised connector configurations to suit their applications.

The new module comprises five Han E® screw contacts, each rated at 230 V and 16 A, of the type already employed in the proven Han E® connector. It features a sliding insulation cover incorporating a mechanism that closes it automatically during mating and ensures that the contacts are introduced into the connector with protection against voltage and accidental contact.

The simplicity of the screw module makes it particularly suited to situations where special tools and specialised personnel are not available during installation.

A further special feature is the option of simultaneously connecting five stranded wires from 0.5 to 2.5 mm2 along with rigid conductors in a compact arrangement, offering a space saving of up to 40% compared to the use of conventional Han E® connectors. As a result, switch cabinets and machines can also be more compact.

The Harting Han-Modular® series currently includes over 40 modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals, and is being continually expanded, enabling more new configurations to be realised.

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