Thursday 13 June 2013

Panel mounted display units

LCM Systems has launched a new range of panel mounting display units for use with any of LCM Systems load cell products, including those with integrally mounted amplifiers. There are three models within the PMD Range: the PMD-Process for use with most industry standard voltage & current analogue process signals; the PMD-Strain for use with strain gauge bridge based sensors, including load cells and load pins and the PMD-Serial, which can be connected to a RS232 or RS485 ASCII serial bus, primarily for use as a remote slave display.

There are a number of options available that can be mixed and matched, depending on a client’s particular application. One of the main advantages of these new indicators is that they are so easy to set up and use. All 3 indicators have menu free set up and calibration and to further simplify commissioning, a pictorial instruction manual has been produced. This provides step-by-step details for each function so saving time searching through an overly complex manual.

All three models can be supplied in either AC or DC powered versions with a wide choice of analogue, relay or digital outputs and all option boards are pluggable and have the advantage that they can be retro-fitted.

All products are IP65 sealed to ensure they withstand harsh and rugged conditions, with an option for IP67. Different input signals are available, depending on which indicator is used.

The PMD-Process, PMD-Serial and PMD-Strain indicators are all suitable for simple crane weighing applications, hoist and winch monitoring and any other force measurement applications.

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