Tuesday 25 June 2013

Have confidence in your cooling!

Rittal’s complete range of cooling units have now been independently certified. Tests were performed in accordance with the current DIN EN 14511- 2 at the TÜV Nord’s test centre for refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation technology in Essen, Germany. As well as clearly defining the test conditions for determining cooling output and energy efficiency, the standard also states that the specified cooling output may not be lower than the measured cooling output by more than 8%.

During extensive tests all Rittal TopTherm cooling units satisfied the stated performance data and some cases the cooling output was up to 10 % higher than the value specified. For example, the Rittal TopTherm wall-mounted cooling unit that has a nominal cooling output of approximately 2,000 W was in fact found to have a total cooling output of 2,200 W.
The high energy efficiency of the devices was also certified by TÜV Nord. In addition to the total cooling output, the electrical power consumption of the cooling device was also determined in order to calculate the energy efficiency ratio (EER). With this information, the efficiency of the cooling unit in operation may be determined.

All Rittal TopTherm cooling units may now bear the TÜV Nord mark of conformity. Supplying units with this label, Rittal commits to regular product inspections by TÜV Nord and undertakes to report all changes that may affect the performance of the product to the test house, with the devices retested if necessary. Customers can therefore be certain of achieving the stated output and energy efficiency when using Rittal cooling units.

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