Friday 7 June 2013

New Orleans event leads in LDAR and fugitive emissions

We have included a number of reports on the seminars and/or symposia organised so well be the International Society of Instrumentation both in the USA and in other locations. They are of course unrivalled in providing this sort of service in their almost seventy years of being.

More than 200 plant and refinery professionals responsible for maintaining leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs and complying with government regulations to reduce air emissions attended ISA’s 13th annual Fugitive Emissions-LDAR Symposium - organised by ISA's Fugitive Emissions LDAR Group - held last month in New Orleans, (LA USA)

Attendees gathered to meet with and learn from leading air emission experts and government regulators in the LDAR field so they could take proactive steps in preventing leaks from occurring--not just improve leak detection and repair—and fully comply with all government mandates.

A highlight of the event was an interactive discussion--involving a panel of LDAR experts, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials, and audience participants—on applying best-practice methodologies, optimizing use of training, in-house and contract resources, and avoiding common mistakes and problems that can lead to major equipment failure.

“The ISA meeting for LDAR professions is my annual must-attend event,” states Frankie Wood-Black, Ph.D., REM, MBA, of Trihydro Corporation. “It helps to keep LDAR coordinators current on the changes in the regulations, and focused on the most critical issues. It provides strategies that allow an LDAR program to work for you rather than you working for it."

In all, 17 technical sessions were conducted on critical industry issues, such as LDAR design and validation, consent decree updates, MACT Cooling Tower Rule, low-leak technologies and long-term seal ability. More than 30 vendors and equipment manufacturers displayed their latest products and services, such as sealing materials and assembly devices and techniques.

Key presentations were delivered by Tanya Jackson of Avanti Environmental (“LDAR Programs with Low-Leak Standard: No Big Deal”), and Brian K. Whitley of EMSI (“Thinking Outside the Junction Box”).

“ISA’s LDAR Symposium was highly informative and valuable for our company,” says Kevin Moses, director of Operations at LDARtools. “The premier leaders in LDAR hardware and software were present, and the schedule was packed with relevant presentations by industry experts. I look forward to attending next year!”

An evening networking event, a must have and attractive feature in any ISA event, ,hosted by Avanti Environmental and featuring New Orleans-style cuisine and a local band, enabled session presenters, panel experts and attendees to interact in a casual setting.

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