Friday 14 June 2013

Single axis accelerometer delivers precision, reliability and durability AND value for money.

The new, competitively priced Type 8315 single axis accelerometer from Kistler Instruments is especially suited to low frequency applications, including automobile ride quality, wind tunnel investigations and aerospace testing where structural vibration and dynamics are used to assess performance, reliability and integrity parameters. . Other R&D applications include human motion studies, robotics and platform motion control systems.

The Type 8315 K-Beam® capacitive MEMS accelerometer is ideal for use in R&D and OEM applications where precision, reliability and durability are demanded. Six measuring ranges from ±2 g to ± 200 g are available with a frequency response of 0 to 1kHz (0-250Hz for 2g), enclosed in a choice of hard anodised aluminium or welded titanium housings. The sensor design is optimised for low frequency applications common to Aviation/Aerospace, Automotive, Civil Engineering Structure, Seismic and other R&D studies. A temperature output is provided for use where external temperature compensation of the output signal is required.

Wide supply voltage range, 5 to 50 VDC and 6,000 gpk shock rating combined with the availability of a temperature output and integrated signal conditioning make the Type 8315 exceptionally versatile. A choice of adhesive, threaded stud and magnetic mounting bases and connection options facilitate installation.

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