Tuesday 17 January 2012

New partnership enables fast reliable communication!

HMS Industrial Networks has recently joined Mitsubishi Electric Europe’s e-F@ctory Alliance as a new partner. HMS is able to provide a fast low-cost solution for interconnecting Mitsubishi automation devices via a wide range of standardised industrial networks, while ensuring the secure exchange of data between those devices, in the form of its “Anybus” gateways, protocol converters and wireless solutions.

The cloud-based “Netbiter” remote management solution provides a future-oriented system which can be quite easily implemented in existing structures and, when used in conjunction with Mitsubishi PLCs, frequency inverters and control devices, offers an optimum solution for collecting operating data and monitoring automation systems.

As part of this collaboration, “Anybus” gateways and protocol converters offer solutions for expanding the possibilities for integrating Mitsubishi automation systems in a wide variety of industrial networks. The “Netbiter” complete remote maintenance solution addresses the M2M segment. Systems are available via a mobile radio or Ethernet connection.

The central element is the Netbiter Argos data portal with innovative cloud technology for capturing and displaying operating data. This enables data registers as well as process values, such as temperature and frequency inverter data, inputs and outputs and alarms for example, to be conveniently recorded to the Argos server and displayed using plant mimic diagrams. Reports and trend graphs can be produced automatically on a daily/weekly basis etc. and sent by e-mail if required.

The integrated user and project management system is designed for the centralised management of multiple devices in different locations as well as for defining the authority level for users. The alarm management system sends reports by e-mail/SMS or SNMP. The modular user management system is specially designed to enable machine manufacturers to offer their customers individual remote management solutions as an additional service.

As the worldwide market leader for industrial communication solutions, HMS has produced more than 250 different varieties of gateways, protocol converters and wireless products to date. There is a wide range available especially for the CC-Link favoured by Mitsubishi. The “Netbiter” remote management solution has been adapted to Mitsubishi automation devices and offers a high-performance solution for displaying data and monitoring systems and plants that is also easy to integrate. The user benefits are there for all to see and include simple database and web programming as well as modem integration, for example. In addition, there is no need for costly firewall or VPN configuration either.

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