Monday 23 January 2012

New member to Wireless Institute

Perpetuum has joined ISA100 WCI as a supplier member.

“The benefits of wireless monitoring are rapidly becoming fully appreciated by users. The return on investment from the combination of  improved monitoring of assets and processes with the low installation costs and flexibility of wireless, is causing a major rethink in how to improve plant reliability, safety and profitability,” said Roy Freeland, President, Perpetuum. “The key remaining issue is the right power source for wireless sensing to ensure reliability without costly repeated battery changes. As an innovator in vibration energy harvesting, Perpetuum supplies a practical ‘fit and forget’ solution certified for hazardous areas which is being chosen by major manufacturers globally. We have long been a supporter of the ISA100 standard and look forward to the growth of the market for vibration energy harvesting power solutions for wireless automation.”

Perpetuum designs and manufactures the world's leading vibration energy harvesters delivering life-long power for wireless technology. A vibration energy harvester is one critical component of a sophisticated system of components that are used to create a reliable maintenance free wireless solution.

“Perpetuum is helping propel the wireless automation industry forward by providing key enabling technology. The vibration harvesting solution converts otherwise lost energy into usable electrical energy for powering industrial wireless sensor nodes,” according to Andre Ristaino, managing director of ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute. “We look forward to working with them and helping the industry take advantage of the benefits the ISA100.11a wireless standard has to offer.”

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