Tuesday 24 January 2012

Wireless protection for industrial doors

System replaces cumbersome and easily-damaged spiral cables between controller and door in both internal and external locations

Carlo Gavazzi has launched the WSM wireless safety system for use with safety edges on large industrial doors, eliminating easily-damaged spiral cables between the door controller and door. Using an operating frequency of 2.4Ghz to prevent common radio interference, the system is compatible with a wide range of safety edges and delivers enhanced battery efficiency for a reliable and safe solution in applications such as high speed doors with frequent traffic, tall doors, megadoors and doors in public areas.
Delivering a 10 metre range for use in doors with opening heights up to 20 metres, each system comprises a main controller that connects to the door control panel and up to four wireless sub controllers that connect to the safety edge on the door. The IP66 rated system is suited for internal and external locations and will work with the Carlo Gavazzi photoelectric safety edge and many mechanical and conductive rubber safety edges.

The WSM2BA2D24 main controller with built in antenna features three SPST relay outputs; one normally closed (NC), one normally open (NO) 8.2kohms, and one normally closed for low battery alarm. A test input ensures verification of the sensor safety function and is also used for activating sub modules from battery save mode. Any loss of communication between the main and sub controller modules will immediately activate the safety output. 16 channels are available to eliminate cross talk and the sub controller’s active time can be set from 10 to 80 seconds.

The WSS2BA2BAT sub controller unit is able to handle two safety edges and one door-in-door limit switch, which allows for eight safety edges per system. It can control inputs from all standard NO 8.2kohms safety edges and all standard NC safety edges. Designed for exceptional battery performance, the sub controller is powered by a choice of one to four lithium AA batteries, with a minimum of one year life for one set of sensors.

The Carlo Gavazzi photoelectric safety edge consists of an emitter and receiver housed in 11mm rubber profiles. Providing a range of 15 metres and powered by the sub controller, the photoelectric beam is adjusted at each wake up signal from the main controller to ensure optimal detection performance.

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