Wednesday 11 January 2012

Ergnomatic and for harsh conditions.

Small footprint wireless USB keyboard offers improved functionality

Sometimes we include stuff not strictly automation on to our sites. This is one such animal and we include it because we liked the look of it! It may also have an application for us because it is designed for harsh areas!

Bytec Embedded has launched the next generation of its small footprint, wireless, USB keyboard designed for harsh environments. The second generation Indi-KeyTM keyboard offers wipe clean surfaces, improved key response and feel, a wider touchpad and an optional numeric keypad.

Designed for use where space and reliability is critical, the wipe-clean IP65-rated Indi-Key has been constructed with a Silver Ion antibacterial agent acting as a secondary defence to address increasing awareness of the spread of infection and cross contamination.

The addition of a PC based application enables the keyboard to be reprogrammed for easy on-site upgrades without the need of special programming equipment, ideal for changing keycodes or adding hidden functionality for example – enabling application specific customisation of the Indi-Key.

The ergonomic keyboard has a lighter feel with a more tactile response, and the option of an integrated numeric pad for faster data input. The addition of a 29% larger touchpad provides a familiar interface that is easy to use and clean, with no grooves or dirt traps.

With a typical operating life of 6 hours, battery life is further preserved with a 15 minute sleep mode. 3 levels of red backlit illumination enable the keys to be visible in all light conditions.

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  1. Looks great, like the sound of the red backlit illumination.