Monday 16 January 2012

Software to envisage panel/enclosure layout

Rittal’s RiCAD-3D software version 3 supports the creation of models to provide a complete 3D picture of Rittal products with the visualisation, layout and spacing of single components. Its database includes both 2D and 3D drawings for virtually all Rittal products, together with an extensive range of system accessories.

Many projects require a 3D internal and external view of objects such as wall and freestanding enclosure systems. 3D views of the accessories within an enclosure allow positioning and spacing of rail or mounted equipment, cable trunking runs and the cable entry space required.

RiCAD 3D offers the following benefits: Precisely detailed CAD product data; export in all standard CAD formats (DWG, ProE 2001, ProE Wildfire, Solidworks and STEP.formats); simple integration into the most varied CAD systems; considerable reduction of engineering and design work; detailed error-free Rittal data; generic original data in 3D and 2D format and no conversion of neutral formats.

Regardless of which CAD system used, RiCAD 3D effectively supports the efficiency and productivity of plant design work

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