Wednesday 4 January 2012

Protection from "artists!"

Rittal’s nano-coating option for their outdoor enclosure range can be applied to the external finish of an enclosure to help reduce the effects of graffiti and make the clean-up process quicker, easier and less costly.  This is in addition to utilising the properties of nano-technology, as a cold spray pre-treatment prior to paint improves the resistance to corrosion for the cabinets. 

Derived from extensive research into the behaviour of atomic and molecular particles, the nano-coating has the same characteristics as the well known Lotus effect, where surfaces are not wetted when in direct contact with a liquid, and dust particles do not adhere. The nano-technology coating minimises the surface friction and provides a structure which resists adhesion once set.  However, it has excellent adhesion to the underlying surface.  It is also transparent and inert with good mechanical and chemical resistance.

In addition, Rittal’s nano-coating has long lasting characteristics for repelling water and organic liquids, which limit the effect of applied graffiti and enable easier removal with high pressure cleaning, and replace the  less environmentally friendly chemicals.  Long term cost benefits are clear due to improved resistance and cheaper removal of unwanted graffiti, as well as improved resistance to corrosion.

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