Wednesday 11 January 2012

Configuration & dignostics for Coriolis flow & density

Improved, easy-to-use device intelligence and diagnostics for a range of products and protocols

The Micro Motion® ProLink III®, a Microsoft® Windows-based configuration and service tool for Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density transmitters has just been releases by Emerson Process Management. ProLink III is an intuitive configuration, data-logging, and troubleshooting tool for the range of Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density products.

The Micro Motion ProLink III Configuration Tool utilises Emerson’s Human Centered Design approach for an intuitive interface that improves overall functionality and ease of use. Customers looking to streamline work practices, improve process control, trend and remotely troubleshoot meters in the field will benefit from this latest version of ProLink. Once connected, process variables and alerts are immediately seen through a single, user-friendly, full diagnostics display. To better interrogate field issues, ProLink III identifies fault conditions that are then separated by severity, allowing the user to prioritise alerts. Additionally, the guided connection wizard, the simulated device feature and the offline configuration tool, all help to decrease commissioning time and reduce start-up costs by limiting the opportunity for mistakes. The response time of this software tool is unmatched by anything else previously offered.

Designed with servicing in mind, additional Micro Motion ProLink III benefits include the ability to simultaneously connect to multiple devices and monitor system performance through trending and data logging, allowing the user to easily view and improve process conditions across more than one transmitter at a time. When considering changing a transmitter, device simulation and offline configuration offers configuration confirmation prior to actually implementing a change. This capability provides less room for error and can eliminate expensive downtime having to troubleshoot transmitter behaviour. Advanced transmitter functionality such as Smart Meter Verification, concentration measurement, petroleum measurement, Net Oil Computer (NOTC), discrete batching, or filling and dosing application software can all be easily configured using ProLink III.

ProLink III is available in two editions, Basic and Professional. The Basic edition covers basic configuration and alarm functionality, while the Professional edition also includes simultaneous multi-transmitter connectivity, trending and data logging, device simulation, offline configuration management, Modbus communications over Ethernet and Smart Meter Verification reports.

ProLink III connects to all Micro Motion Coriolis transmitters and supports HART® Modbus RS-485, and Modbus/TCP communications.

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