Friday 6 January 2012


Controller Selection Considerations eGuide

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Controller-based applications face a divergence when selecting a controller: Simplicity and ruggedness, or openness and functionality? In math, that’s called indeterminacy, but in automation, the engineer should know what controller feature set is best for the application, no matter what you call the logic device.

Control Engineering have an eGuide available to determine whether you need A PLC, PAC, or IPC for your next control application.  Learn more about the possibility of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) evolving Into Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs), or Industrial PCs (IPCs).  Whatever the name, learn about the best features and software for your control applications.

Over the last few years, this publication has been very active in the industry discussion relating to PACs, PLCs and IPCs.  Follow the discussion and industry how-to in this important eGuide on when and where to select the appropriate controller.

The articles in the eGuide include:
• Balancing PLCs, PACs, IPCs
• Discussion on PLC vs. PAC:  When and Where?
• Speaking in Tongues:  Understanding the IEC 61131-3 Programming Languages
• What is a Programmable Controller
• Case Studies:  Pyromatics Automation System and ITS with International Harvester

The eGuide is free but you will have to register here to get it!

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