Wednesday 25 January 2012

Transducers in space!

With the growing importance of Britain's expanding space and satellite industry, demand for specially manufactured transducers from RDP Electronics is increasing.

The completely sealed transducers use low outgassing materials to standards specified by NASA for applications in space. In particular avoiding the potential for contamination of other components on a space vehicle for example optical devices such as mirrors or cameras, due to expelled gases from transducers.

RDP’s manufacturing process mimimises the risk of damage to the transducer by means of slow pressure changes and also by modifications to ensure that there are no sealed cavities in which a pressure differential could cause damage. Out-gassing into the vacuum of vapour escaping from internal adhesives and varnishes is reduced by controlled ‘baking’ of the transducer to thoroughly dry out such materials.Transducers for the space industry are also fully welded ensuring any residual vapours are sealed inside the unit.

According to a report by the British Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, “UK companies have developed significant competitive advantages in different segments of the space value chain which enable it to successfully compete in global markets. Like other technology intensive sectors, the space sector exhibits above- average innovation, skills and productivity levels.”

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