Monday 12 December 2011

Online moisture and humidity calculator

Michell Instruments have produced a new downloadable Windows humidity calculator, available for free download from their support section.

The calculator is a valuable tool for anyone working with processes involving moisture control or analysis. The application allows for easy calculations and conversions between units of moisture content in parts per million (ppm), dew point, relative humidity and moisture in liquid.

The humidity calculator offers a comprehensive selection of humidity units. High and low humidity ranges are covered. It facilitates calculations with extremely dry gases containing only parts per billion (ppb) moisture content – which is of most relevance to sectors such as semiconductor industry. At the other end of the scale, it is capable of calculations involving very high concentrations of water vapour – such as in paper production and certain metallurgical processes.
Parameters included on the online calculator:

·      Relative humidity
·      Absolute humidity, g/m3
·      Mixing ratio, g/Kg
·      Moisture content, ppmV, in gases
·      Moisture content, ppmW, in liquids
·      Dew point, °C, and vapour pressure
Pressure and temperature compensation is incorporated, where relevant, for each unit conversion. To complete the comprehensive coverage of the calculator, metric to imperial conversions are provided for temperature and pressure.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Michell’s release of the calculator as an application for the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Michell Instruments are represented in Ireland by Instrument Technology Ltd.

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