Monday 5 December 2011

Servo systems

The RS2 series Servo systems from Sanyo Denki are available with rated outputs from 30W to 15kW and are available through Total Motion Systems (TMS).

Motors with flange sizes from 40mm to 220mm square give continuously rated torques up to 95Nm and offer compact size, light weight, high torque and speed and low cogging for smooth rotation ideal for high precison processes and vibration-sensitive applications.  The motors are available with absolute or incremental encoder options.

Compatible servo drive/amplifiers with current ratings from 15A to 300A are available  and are designed with easy set-up in mind.  An auto tuning facility is provided and using the set-up software the user is able to set up parameters and view graphical displays of position, velocity and torque and to perform systems analysis.  Up to 15 amplifiers can be monitored simultaneously. The amplifiers can be switched between torque, position or velocity modes and an on-board jog function allows testing of the motor and amplifier connection without the need to connect to a host device.  A built in operator panel allows parameters to be changed and for the amplifier status to be monitored.

Amplifiers are also available with EtherCAT interface allowing the creation of a system compatible with a variety of devices.

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