Friday 9 December 2011

Multi-touch interfaces

Monitors bring consumer-style multitouch to industrial and commercial user interfaces

andersDX has launched the Touch-dX family of medium-sized, robust, open frame monitors. These monitors, for the first time, make high-accuracy, responsive multi-touch performance commercially viable in a variety of non-consumer applications ranging from kiosks and point-of-sale systems to industrial process control, ATMs and gaming.

Leveraging patented, high-performance, optical tracking, ShadowSense™ technology (see video above), this plug-and-play monitor family offers up to five touch points and is mechanically compatible with ELO Touchsystems open frame monitors. Unlike many alternative technologies, the Touch-dX monitors can support any input type - including finger, glove and stylus.

The first member of the Touch-dX range is a 19” unit with a 5:4 aspect ratio. This will be followed soon by a 17” 5:4 monitor and 19” and 22” 16:10 widescreen options. Response times are down to just 6ms, while the revolutionary ShadowSense technology allows for touch detection of objects as small as 2mm as well as accidental touch recognition. Choosing andersDX Touch-dX also helps to reduce ongoing maintenance cost as no periodic recalibration is needed.

All Touch-dX monitors come with a comprehensive programming and diagnostic utility that enables andersDX to fine tune the sensitivity of the touch sensor based on customer application requirements. As well as allowing configuration of parameters for performance optimisation, the software allows touchscreens to report all signal level information between the LEDs and touch sensors for detection and diagnosis of possible fault conditions.

andersDX Touch-dX monitors offer VGA and DVI inputs and provide a plug-and-play USB interface. Monitors feature an ultra-thin form factor, are Microsoft® Windows® 7-compliant, and have an on-screen display (OSD) menu for rapid adjustment of key parameters. Typical contrast ratio for the 19” model is 1000:1. Horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 170° and 160° respectively. The unit supports 16.7 million colours.

andersDX CEO Rob Anders says: “With its revolutionary optical tracking technology delivering amazing performance at low cost, and with a form factor that allows drop-in replacement of existing technologies, Touch-dX monitors are a the ‘obvious choice’ for industrial and commercial applications that need a rich, responsive and accurate multitouch experience.”

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