Friday 2 December 2011

I/O modules

IO-Modules with integrated display and manipulation protection

Sensor and industrial networking specialist Balluff is the first to offer fieldbus I/O modules with an illuminated LCD display. This not only makes addressing in the network simpler, but also provides a variety of additional functions. These include the lock bit, search&rescue and device identification, providing demonstrable added value: machine and systems operators profit from the significantly greater manipulation protection, more convenience and transparency in maintenance, and from greater availability and productivity. The new module generation is now available for CC-Link, Ethernet/IP and Profinet. Versions for the other commonly used fieldbus systems will also be available soon.

For more than four years Balluff I/O modules with their up to 32 in- and outputs have been indispensible in the machine building and automation world. Characteristic features include the rugged, full-jacket zinc die-cast housing, the flat profile with rounded edges, the clear, large area displays as well as ease of mounting with just two attachment points.
The new generation of I/O fieldbus modules features an illuminated LCD display which opens up new possibilities for operators in setting, maintenance and repair. The baud rate, node address and information about the hard- and software of the module along with much more can now be visualized, making diagnostics and system availability significantly simpler.
Mechanical attachments such as damage-prone rotary switches can be completely eliminated. This makes the new IP 67 generation even more rugged and reliable than the previous series.
Menu guidance on the bright, high-resolution display is easy to use and self-explanatory. Two keys are used for entering and displaying the individual menu points. A special feature is the integrated manipulation protection. This means the display can be locked out by the PLC, preventing unauthorized access.

The new module generation from Balluff is also equipped with an integrated search&rescue function. Two LEDs controlled by the PLC allow the operator to visualize pre-defined events which are not module- or port-specific directly where the event takes place.

Also interesting is the integrated web server, a specific feature of the Ethernet/IP and Profinet module versions. Using a standard web browser the user has access to comprehensive diagnostics functions such as the display of all LED indicators located on the module. Under “Device Properties” one can parameterize for example the devices connected on the IO-Link port. Other features are available under the “Configurations” function, such as assigning the IP addresses.

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