Thursday 29 December 2011

Datalogger is available in two probe sizes

MadgeTech’s RFOT is a two way wireless meat temperature data logger. It measures, records and wirelessly transmits data for real time monitoring. The RFOT is now available in two probe sizes, 4” long with a transitional diameter from 0.13” to 0.11”, and 2.5” long with a 0.065” diameter. The new probe lengths allow the device to be used for monitoring meat products of various sizes.

The standard RFOT comes with a 4” rigid, piercing probe. It is designed for monitoring and recording the internal temperature of hams, turkeys, beef sides, and other mid to large sized meat products.

The RFOT-SMP is equipped with a 2.5” piercing probe, which is ideal for smaller meat products, such as hot dogs and sausages. The device can be used with MadgeTech’s RFOT-HDA, an attachment that guides the meat into place, ensuring that the probe is inserted into the center of the product.

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