Friday 16 December 2011

Gas flow measurement

The GF40/80 Series Mass Flow Controllers & Flow Meters, just released by Brooks Instrument,  achieves unprecedented performance, reliability, and flexibility in many gas flow measurement and control applications. 

Product Highlights:
  • Flexible: Using the Brooks exclusive MultiFlo technology, one device can be quickly and easily reconfigured for a wide range of flows and virtually any gas without sacrificing performance
  • Suitable: The GF40/80 are available with elastomer or metal seals, a range of digital communications and have an all Hastelloy sensor for enhanced sensor life and long term stability 
  • Fast: The GF40/80 provides sub one second response times for virtually any step change 
  • Accurate: The GF40/80 coupled with MultiFlo technology provides actual process gas accuracy far superior to traditional single point conversion factors  

The GF40/80 Series is the perfect choice for customers who use thermal mass flow controllers or flow meters on a variety of gases, who need to change gas type frequently, or who need to re-range while preserving gas measurement and control accuracy. Some examples: 
  • OEMs will reduce the number of gas- and range-specific mass flow controllers that they inventory
  • Solar, biotech, CVD, plasma, glass, web coating, nanotechnology, vacuum processing and similar large users of mass flow meters and mass flow controllers will greatly reduce their gas- and range-specific spares inventory
  • R&D, research, and laboratory users can quickly change experiment conditions and achieve much better actual process gas accuracy vs traditional mass flow controllers and mass flow meters

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