Wednesday 7 December 2011

SCADA in the cloud and a free tee-shirt!

InduSoft will host a free webinar SCADA in the Cloud on December 14, 2011 to demonstrate how to leverage Cloud computing for supervisory control and data acquisition projects.

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Cloud-based SCADA technology is becoming more widespread thanks to advancements in Cloud application technology. As part of its dedication to helping customers achieve optimal results, InduSoft has developed SCADA software that is fully capable of leveraging the portability and availability of Cloud technology.

The SCADA in the Cloud webinar will highlight the importance of Cloud-based applications within the industry. Attendees will also learn how some end user companies have used Cloud-based SCADA to surge ahead in their field. In this webinar, InduSoft will:
  • Discuss Cloud-based SCADA trends with experts who will share their challenges and successes
  • Help attendees learn how to benefit from their time in development.
  • Learn what kinds of tools are available, and how to use them to build a better SCADA system in the Cloud.
The webinar is latest installment in a series that alternates between technical and industry topics. Recent webinars focused on best practices, building automation and energy management SCADA and packaging SCADA systems.

Oh yes! All who register and attend will receive a free T-shirt, as well as a copy of the trial version of the InduSoft Web Studio software suite.

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