Thursday 8 December 2011

Pneumatic switch probe

For mechanical positional testing in limited space applications

The new P499-F pneumatic microswitch probe from Peak, is designed for the mechanical detecting of the position of a device under test in situations where space is limited.

The probe incorporates a pneumatically operated plunger and an integrated switch function which carries out an "off/on/off" operating sequence. The plunger incorporates a screwable contact head which is both adjustable between 0 and 2 mm and interchangeable between electrically insulating synthetic and conducting metal versions.

The probe is designed for use at centres of 6.5 mm (157 mil), and is rated for a current of 1.0 A with a resistance of 500 milliohm. Operating temperature range is from -20º to +80ºC.

A choice of lateral or axial fixing screws allows two mounting configurations, including an option that allows airtight applications.

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