Friday 2 December 2011

Open path gas detectors with wireless

An industry first, Senscient’s new ELDS Version 1.2 Open Path Gas Detectors (OPGDs) feature Integrated 2.4 GHz Wireless Communications between the ELDS Transmitters/Receivers and Senscient Install & Commissioning tools.

No other OPGD is as easy to install, with 2.4 GHz wireless alignment & access to event logs, self check results, and system diagnostics. This eliminates hard-wired Class I Division I or II connectors and cables, or area de-classification for technician access to detectors via open junction box terminals for commissioning.  ELDS Version 1.2 Wireless is particularly beneficial for OPGD systems installed high in the air or under floor grates.

Version 1.2 SITE Senscient Install and Test Environment Software with proven Microsoft Windows Compatibility with Senscient-supplied industrial laptops enables user searchable data export for permanent records in Trend Analysis, diagnostic detail for troubleshooting in the field, exports of all gas readings, daily Auto SimuGas self-check results, and any Fault & Warning events experienced by the systems.

The new product also features expanded gas applications for high level H2S detection at 0-15,000 ppm.meter in FPSO Vent Gases, low level ppm.meter Ammonia open path gas detection, low level ppm.meter HF OPGD for refinery alkylation processes, % LEL HVAC OPGD Cross Duct Methane detection, and % LEL Cross Duct Continuous Methane monitoring for Coal Bed Combustion.

Existing Senscient customers may contact Senscient Customer Care at 1 877-eSimuGas to inquire about field upgrade availability for wireless access.

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