Tuesday 6 December 2011

New personality wireless!

ProSoft Technology industrial 802.11n radios use a removable memory card to save and manage radio configuration settings

Now included in all RadioLinx IHN (industrial 802.11n) from ProSoft Technology, a new “Personality” specification automatically stores and loads radio-configurations. This functionality is appreciated for saving and managing radio configuration settings.

The Automation-class RadioLinx IHN series (industrial 802.11n) now comes with a Personality feature. This new feature automatically stores and loads radio configurations. It consists of an industrial-grade SD (Secured Digital) memory card and the ability given to the radio to read/write configuration information from/to that card.

From the user point-of-view, the typical benefits include:
  • Manage and distribute multiple configuration profiles. This is a great functionality for machine builders as they need to replicate multiple systems using the same settings.
  • Increased uptime of the network.
  • Easier backup and maintenance of radio configurations.
  • Damage recovery (a failed radio site shortly brings back into operation). In the event of a failure, the Personality feature allows loading configuration quickly into a replacement radio. The SD card can be removed from a radio that is no longer operational and inserted into a new radio (no computer required), or an archived configuration can be copied to an SD memory card and inserted into the new radio.
When a radio configuration is completed and saved (and an SD card present in the RadioLinx), the radio writes the new configuration to the Personality card.

The radio is able to function normally with or without a Personality card. When it is powered on, the radio first checks presence of an SD card which contains a configuration; if so the radio copies the settings from the SD card to its internal flash memory. Otherwise, it uses the configuration already installed in its memory.

This is a standard feature in all models of the RadioLinx IHN series (Industrial 802.11n) from ProSoft Technology.

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