Friday 16 December 2011

Water level monitoring system lowers operating costs

OTT Hydrometry has launched a new remote water level monitor, the OTT ecoLog 500, which is a completely integrated monitoring and data transmission unit that uses the latest technologies to lower the cost of monitoring surface water or groundwater level and temperature.

The ecoLog 500 is a self-contained system for monitoring, logging and data transmission with advanced capabilities for remote applications. "The system is extremely robust and simple to set up and run," says OTT MD Simon Wills"It also fits discretely inside a 2 inch well and operates with very low levels of power consumption despite the fact that it can transmit data to the internet, client PC’s or mobile phones."

Dubbed an 'economical logger', the new monitor was named the 'ecoLog 500' because it has been designed to lower the cost of monitoring remote water resources.  This has been achieved in a number of ways:
  • Flexible data collection – data can be transferred via SMS, GPRS, HTTP, FTP and E-mail so that data can be viewed remotely 24/7 and the need for frequent site visits is avoided.
  • Robust construction and low power – the need for site visits is further reduced by a design which minimises maintenance. For example, the level measurement is obtained with a high precision ceramic sensor that has already been field-proven in hundreds of systems worldwide in the OTT Orpheus Mini.
  • Logging flexibility – in order to save memory and power, the system can be set up to issue alarms and if necessary to change logging frequency when specific conditions arise. In addition, the system can issue status reports and alarms to avoid downtime.
Commenting on the market for water level loggers, Simon Wills says "Our customers are looking for accurate, reliable instruments that deliver data without the need for a heavy investment in labour. So, as a low-cost, low-power, complete system with a powerful array of features, the ecoLog 500 is ideal for a wide variety of users including regulatory bodies, water companies and authorities, researchers, consultants and consulting engineers."

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