Tuesday 6 December 2011

ERP/MES system

Rollout in Denmark is important milestone in one of the biggest IT programs in Novo Nordisk’s history

Filling of modern insulin in vials
at Novo Nordisk's site in Hillerød, Denmark
In the framework of the global PS@ SAP program, Accenture, Werum Software & Systems, and NNE Pharmaplan have rolled out the first combined ERP/MES system at Novo Nordisk’s site in Denmark.

The main objective of the program is to implement a globally standardized ERP/MES solution on the basis of SAP and Werum’s PAS-X. The program is intended to be rolled out later to most of Novo Nordisk’s worldwide manufacturing sites.

Novo Nordisk decided on this because it provides essential functionalities out-of-the-box. Another factor that convinced Novo Nordisk to choose Werum’s manufacturing execution system is the fact that PAS-X has a proven record of successful installations throughout the industry.

The program started with the development of a standalone PAS-X pilot system in Denmark in 2008 and with some other implementations throughout the organization. Since then, Novo Nordisk, Werum and NNE Pharmaplan have been cooperating closely and have designed and implemented a MES PAS-X Core system.

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