Thursday 8 December 2011

Extending leading industrial Ethernet position

Over 4 million PROFINET devices installed by the end of 2011

More and more manufacturers and users are choosing PROFINET as the market leader for Industrial Ethernet systems. Today, no other Industrial Ethernet solution is supported by so many manufacturers as PROFINET. Over 150 manufacturers are already making use of the unparalleled versatility of PROFINET in their devices. For users, this means a large selection of products for their applications and the certainty of relying on an open and future-proof standard.

Of course, this trend is also reflected in the number of devices sold. Accordingly, PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) can report strong growth in the area of PROFINET. A projection of the current node count indicates that well over 4 million PROFINET devices will be installed in the field by the end of this year. Jörg Freitag, Chairman of PI, is convinced that the 10 million mark will be exceeded as early as 2014. “PROFINET has enjoyed a first-class reputation within the world's leading industrial companies for many years. Even the choice of an industrial communication standard depends on a long-term outlook. Choosing PROFINET is a decision for the future. The large number of manufacturers and products guarantees long-term investment protection. The number of PROFINET devices in use will multiply to over 10 million by 2014.”
PI is also able to report market growth for PROFIBUS. By the end of 2011, more than 40 million PROFIBUS devices will be installed in industrial plants worldwide. This number shows that user confidence in PROFIBUS is as high as ever.

The international network of PI contributes significantly to the success of PROFIBUS and PROFINET. With representation on all continents, PI is the world's largest and most influential interest group in the area of industrial communication. A total of 27 Regional PI Associations (RPAs), 43 Competence Centers, 23 Training Centers, 10 Certification Test Labs, and more than 1400 member companies apply their experience and knowledge to PI technologies. “Our network gives our member companies throughout the world a decisive competitive advantage,” explains Jörg Freitag. “Here, we have a consistent and straightforward objective: to support the user with the best solution.”

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