Monday 15 August 2011

Solid state switches save space with 17.5mm width

World’s first 17.5mm solid state relay and contactor for DIN rail and panel mounting offer enhanced electrical and mechanical performance in the same form factor as miniature circuit breakers

Carlo Gavazzi has consolidated its range of solid-state relays and contactors, introducing the first such devices to be available in 17.5mm width. Space-saving RG series switches ensure reliable operation and excellent longevity, offering transient voltage protection, robust construction, excellent vibration resistance and advanced features for heat-sink mounting.

The RG series has been introduced to provide cost-effective replacements for existing relays and contactors, keeping part numbers of solid state relays to a minimum in the inventory. As well as rationalising the portfolio, it offers customers major upgrades of both electrical and mechanical performance.

There are two families within the RG series: 17.5mm-wide RGS devices rated up to 600V/90A AC; and RGC, with integrated heat sinks, rated 20A in 17.5mm, up to 30A in 22.5mm housings. RGS switches provide a maximum I²t of 6600A²s, and the RGC’s nominal ratings at 40°C with surrounding temperature de-rated from 0°C up to 80°C.

RG series devices are available for control with DC voltages 4-32VDC. AC controlled types operate with voltages range 20-275VAC and 20-190VDC thus covering standard levels of AC and DC voltages including 24VAC/DC and 110VDC. Switching is selectable between zero-cross or instant-on methods.

Breakdown voltages of 800Vp, 1200Vp or 1600Vp enable RG series switches to cater for the most demanding requirements. Voltage transient protection is provided as standard across outputs using a resistor and capacitor network combined with metal oxide varistors, optionally using transient suppressor diodes where these are more suitable than varistors. There is also protection against control voltage transients; using metal oxide varistors in the case of AC controlled types. DC controlled devices are polarity protected up to 32V DC.

In addition, the RG series offer a radical improvement in mechanical performance. Their design caters for vibration up to 5g (according to IEC60068-2-6), which ensures consistent functionality across a wide range of industries. Key beneficiaries include HVAC, food and beverage and plastics – and even locomotive applications.

RGS solid state relays can be mounted on any heat-sinking surface, conveniently providing a distance between heat-sink mounting holes identical to that of standard hockey puck SSRs. Special stress-relief mechanisms cater for excess forces experienced during heat-sink mounting, as well as when fixing cables to the SSR terminals.

The RG series devices carry CE marks recognising conformity to IEC / EN 60947-4-3, IEC / EN 60947-4-2 and compliance with IEC / EN 62314. RGC types are UL and cUL listed, whilst RGS are UL recognized with pending CSA approval.

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