Friday 19 August 2011

Safe dissipation of stray currents

The new Harting Han® HC Modular 250 PE is a high-current contact designed to provide safe dissipation of stray currents in applications where the protection function is implemented with pluggable PE (protective earth) conductors.

The new contact has a compact and robust design, and is designed to be used instead of a power contact in the Han® HC Modular 250 mounting frame. The flexible configuration and arrangement make coding possible. A commercially available screwdriver is all that is needed for assembly and dismantling.

The new contact is vibration-proof, and offers low contact resistances between hood and housing. It supports crimping in accordance with DIN EN 46235, and is compatible with Harting's existing HC 250 holding frame.

The Han-Modular® series is a highly versatile, open connector system that allows users to configure connectors to match the needs of particular applications. The new Han® HC Modular 250 PE supplements more than 30 existing modules for handling electrical, optical and pneumatic signals.

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