Monday 15 August 2011

T&M connectors

Standard and custom plugs, sockets, probes and test leads

Cliff Electronics manufacture a wide range of 2mm and 4mm plugs, sockets, probes and crocodile clips for professional and industrial test and measurement purposes. They are also a major supplier of test lead sets. These are made to order semi-custom products which combine components from their standard product range with a suitable double insulated cable, standard cable ratings are 1KV (PVC), 5KV and 12KV (silicone).

“Cliff’s test and measurement connectors are already designed into many major international brands of measurement instrumentation and Cliff is also a major manufacturer of custom test lead-sets for blue-chip test equipment OEMs.” Commented John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics

Cliff Electronics test and measurement connector range includes low and high voltage products conforming to the latest EN601010 regulations. These include a range of 2mm and 4mm plugs with matching chassis and right-angle mounting sockets, a comprehensive range of touch-proof sockets and a range of 4mm test probes which also conform to EN601010. Cliff’s chassis sockets are made from high grade engineering plastics with metal parts precision machined and nickel, silver or gold plated depending on the model. 4mm versions have a variety of tag options and the most professional models are insert moulded.

They manufacture a large range of instrumentation crocodile clips, including a “bed-of nails” type used in telecommunications testing. Other crocodile clips available include a basic rating 600V CAT III (1000V CAT II) type available in black, red, blue, green, yellow and green/yellow with a 4mm socket at the rear which accepts a shrouded plug or un-shrouded probe. A miniature version is available for applications where access is restricted and an all metal un-insulated version with curved jaws which give a good grip on bus-bars for earth testing requirements. PVC boots in various colours are available for all Cliff crocodile clips.

A very popular service offered by Cliff Electronics is the design and manufacture of OEM test lead sets to accompany test equipment and meters similar proprietary instrumentation. Manufactured in their factories in Britain and China, custom leads and assemblies can combine standard power plugs with test leads, custom made instrument plugs, and other customised connectors. They can insert moulded cables into special configurations and proof test up to 20KV. 100% testing is available on request as many test leads are safety critical parts.

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