Tuesday 23 August 2011

Event manager add-on

AFCON Software and Electronics has announced the release of Pulse V1.50 SCADA/HMI software with a new and unique add-on called Event Manager, the best Control Room management software integrated in a SCADA/HMI system.

Pulse is the most recent evolution of AFCON's proven P-CIM solutions for SCADA/HMI.
The latest version, Pulse V1.50 is packed with new features that enhance operator productivity and situational awareness. It offers important security features and streamlines the process of configuring the system. In addition, a wide variety of new templates were added to facilitate the development of new screens, exposing system designers to readily available functionalities.

The Event Manager Add-on module helps Control Room operators respond efficiently to events by providing access to critical information, beneficial step-by-step procedures and real-time availability of human resources.

“This new add-on extends the SCADA/HMI role by providing operators and supervisors tools to handle foreseen contingencies by guiding them through the various steps of an organization's predefined procedures. It also helps the organization with the subsequent debriefing and analysis by recording the actual activities that took place and their respective timing”
said Mr. Gabi Weiss, AFCON Software and Electronics' General Manager.

Key benefits of this module are reducing the risk for human errors and ensuring that policies and procedures are followed uniformly. Using the Event Manager in organizations/facilities improve regulatory compliance and increase response efficiency. Furthermore, it also reduces the need for comprehensive training.

Users can now also meet their growing security requirements through Nice DVR Client interface added in this release. This integration allows operators to both view live video and playback along with controlling PTZ camera movement directly from the video show or through direction buttons.

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